Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The Right To Be Raped

As we saw before, the Syrian grand Mufti of the Republic Sheikh Ahmad Bader Eddin Hasson is doing more PR work. Speaking with the Russian Mufti, it's all about him.
Sheikh Hasson discussed with the Mufti of the Russian Federations ... means of developing bilateral relations and clergymens role in building good individual [?] and convey the best image of him through its students.
Well, not ALL about him because he has bravely announced the "truth" of Islam regarding women.
[The Mufti] underlined yesterday the importance of disseminating the culture of peace and love among people, stressing that Islam gives woman rights more than those given by law.
This is true: Islam gives women the right to be beaten by their husbands. You won't find that in any infidel's secular law.
[T]he Mufti noted the equal rights given by God to all people regardless of their colour and religion.
Too bad that his words contradict nearly 1,400 years of bloody and oppressive Islamic history. In fact, let's see how Islamic society is treating its women at this very moment.
A Saudi woman who was kidnapped at knifepoint, gang-raped and then beaten by her brother was sentenced to 90 lashes - for a meeting a man who was not a relative,
Gang raped and now sentenced to be beaten. Nice.
“G” [the rape victim] said one of the judges told she was lucky not to have been given jail time. “I was shocked at the verdict. I couldn't believe my ears,” said the woman, who has appealed against her sentence.
The Religion of Compassion.
The woman also told the paper she tried to commit suicide because of her ordeal and was beaten by her younger brother because the rape had brought shame on their family.
The fact that she endured the trauma of being raped is apparently completely irrelevant. I guess she should be glad she wasn't "honor" killed, though unfortunately that is still a very real possibility for her.
Fuziyah al-Ouni, described as an activist by the paper, said she was outraged by the case. “By sentencing her to 90 lashes they are sending a message that she is guilty. No rape victim is guilty,” she said.
Oh yes they are, if you are a woman living under Sharia law it is all your fault.
There are severe legal restrictions on women in Saudi Arabia, including a strict dress code required outside the home and a ban on driving.
But, as the Mufti himself said, "Islam gives woman rights more than those given by law."


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