Thursday, March 22, 2007

News Roundup for March 22

America is doing what is not acceptable to the Palestinians.
Dr. Ziad Abu Amre, the PA foreign affairs minister, has criticized the USA “selective” policy in dealing with PA unity government ministers, affirming that such discriminatory policy is rejected by the PA unity government.
America is practicing "discrimination". Not of the racial sort, but between full-fledged terrorists and corrupt terror enablers. I agree with Dr. Amre that America shouldn't discriminate between the two.
Abu Amre affirmed that the PA unity government is one and integrated body reflecting the Palestinian unity, and therefore, he asserted, “dealing selectively with members of the government is something unacceptable”.
Ok, since America doesn't want to deal with Hamas, then America should make Dr. Amre happy and not deal with the unity government at all. Sounds perfectly reasonable to me.


Iran is still upset at the silly Hollywood movie 300.
The statement released by the Iranian embassy in Paris further adds that all throughout history, the Iranian culture has proved to be the culture of friendship, peace seeking and avoiding war, a culture the symbols of which have been printed on the UN walls.
Well, after trashing the UN's authority and legitimacy last week, suddenly the Iranians are invoking the UN as a source of authority and legitimacy. Which is it Mahmoud?

Regardless, Iran's specific complaints are two-fold. First:
The statement further adds that the film '300' lacks credit not only because of hostile fabrication of the Iranian culture...
It's not just the belligerent lies,
...but also because of having employed an outdated and old fashion method in fabricating the cultures of other nations...
but also using lazy, uncreative methods for lying. That's the REAL problem here.

Iran really needs to lighten up and stop taking themselves so seriously.


While on the subject of excessive self-esteem, the Palestinians don't want to be left out.
BAGHDAD, (PIC)-- Palestinian refugees in Iraq have accused the government of Iraqi premier Nuri Al-Maliki of intentionally defaming their image and attempting to instigate the Iraqi people against them.
All of those years of hard work building up the proud Palestinian image of prestige, honor, and respect - down the proverbial tubes.


And finally...

The government in Gaza is expressing their "unity" again.
Hessian AL Wali , Fatah's information official northern of Gaza Strip claimed the responsibility of the events which shot out in northern Gaza yesterday on Hamas .
First, terror "happened", then it "broke out", now it is "shot out".
Wail told Palestine's voice radio that all the crimes which were committed against Fatah's leaders and members , were carried out by identified members from the Qassam brigades and the executive force , he added " I have updated the follow up national committee by all the events which took place " . He pointed out that all who had participated in killing Rami Sorour and launching RBG projectiles...
For the uninitiated, an "RBG" is a "Rocket Brobelled Grenade". The grammatical minefield continues. Sameeh AL Madhoon's house were members from Hamas and the executive force , and those who killed Mohamed Itema were also members of Hamas and the executive force , in addition to those who prevail fear , tense , occupy citizens houses and burn them up were also members of Hamas and the Qassam brigades .
Uhhh, ok. That's about all I can take today.

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