Friday, March 23, 2007

Ahmed Yassin: Rest in Pieces

How could I have missed it? Yesterday is the third anniversary of Hamas-founder Ahmed Yassin and, as expected, the Palestinian press is wallowing in their fond memories of the death cult creator. It seems like it was only yesterday...
The date was dived in the heart of every Palestinian.
It was dived into my heart, as well.
People were very sad and voices were very loud morning the death of the number one leader of the Palestinian people.
I thought Yasser Arafat was their "number one" leader. Let's call it a tie and say that they are both "number two", as Beavis and Butthead would affectionately say (huh-huh, you said "number two", huh-huh).
It was not normal morning on Monday 22-3-2004.The sky covered with black smoke, ,[?] sounds of the homemade bombs were fired by the young children...
How unusual.
Men were going no where and women were crying behind the doors.
I'm confused because all that seems like a perfectly normal day in Gaza to me.
At five o'clock in the morning , thousands of Palestinians rushed from their sleep unbelieving the news. They were covering the entrance of the "dead refrigerators" in Shifa hospital in Gaza, where he is buried.
Hmmm. Another report gives a different account.
The scene was very bitter… everywhere there were relics of the blood and the flesh of Sheikh Yassin.
Sounds more like he was buried in a thermos.

Of course, the accusations and condemnations from Palestinians fly like an air to surface missile from an F-16.
Former Israeli premier Ariel Sharon ordered and personally supervised the assassination of the Sheikh.
Wait another few years and the story will evolve to say that Ariel Sharon was flying the F-16 and fired the missile himself.

Thankfully, everything bad that happens to Hamas doesn't even faze them, and actually strengthens them.
...the death of Hamas’ founder and spiritual leader Sheikh Ahmad Yassin had revived the Arab and Muslim Ummah, and the entire world.

...the Israeli assassination of Yassin had bolstered the world’s sympathy and support to the Palestinian question, and strengthened Hamas further rather than weakening it.

...losing Yassin was uneasy and painful for Hamas, yet, he asserted, a strong Movement like Hamas wasn’t affected by it leader’s assassination.

...“Hamas’ swift recovery, firmness, and steadfastness after the killing of its founder had confused the entire world in general, and the Israeli occupation government in particular, proving that Hamas was and still is a great and well-established organization”
So confused is Israel that they have become Hamas' greatest "supporter" because they, more than anyone, don't hesitate to "bolster" Hamas and their leadership any and every chance they get.

Way to confuse them, Hamas!

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