Sunday, March 18, 2007

The EU: Naive, Dumb, or Both?

The Europeans are lining up to give their money to the Palestinians now that they have formed a unity government. But is that a good thing?
Deputy-head of the EU parliament Luisa Morgantini has urged the EU and the international community to immediately recognize the PA unity government after winning the confidence of the PA legislature.

“This an important event that reflects maturity on the part of the Palestinian leadership, which placed national interests ahead of factional interests and avoided eminent civil war in the Palestinian territories”, [Deputy-head of the EU parliament Luisa] Morgantini said Saturday of the PA unity government.
In other words, two groups of terrorists stop fighting each other is reason to give them aid money. Obviously she doesn't see Hamas as a terrorist organization.
She also noted that Hamas Movement had accepted the establishment of a Palestinian state on the 1967 borders long time ago...
Apparently she is the only one who believes that. Hamas leaders themselves have a different story.
Mahmoud Al Zahar the previous foreign minister in the Hamas led government harshly criticized the new unity government's agenda.[...]
Al Ayam Palestinian newspaper reported that AlZahar had criticized the government's rejection for a temporary borders state, saying that the acceptance of permanent borders state within 1967 borders is a clear recognition of Israel which is also against Hams [sp] charter.
It seems that some intentionally vaguely worded unity government platform is to be taken more seriously that Hamas' uncompromising covenant charter that guides their every decision, which explicitly and unequivocally says otherwise.

The EU deputy-head continues.
She [Morgantini], furthermore, stressed that there is indeed a chance at hand, ... to start negotiating with parties that are seriously concerned with achieving peace in the Middle East.
One wonders who the "parties that are seriously concerned with achieving peace in the Middle East" are. The Palestinian unity government containing Hamas? Ask Mr. Al Zahar what he thinks about that.
Al Zahhar said in a statement before the Legislative Council where the vote f [sp] confidence session for the unity government was held that " the unity government's agenda calls for expanding the calm to include the West Bank in return of ending the Israeli practices , and this is not acceptable for Hamas[.]"
According to Mr. Al Zahar, stopping violence against Israel is out of the question. Hard to have peace when terror won't stop.

Thankfully, the brilliant deputy-head of the EU parliament brings her thoughts to a close.
Finally, she [Morgantini] emphasized that the Hebrew state must also prove its sincerity in achieving a lasting peace in the region by respecting international legitimacy, and halting military operations against the unarmed Palestinian people.
Israel proved its sincerity by pulling out of Gaza completely. This was welcomed by the Palestinians with unending barrages of rockets into the surrounding towns and cities of Israel ever since, as well as killing/capturing Israeli soldiers from Israeli territory. All this, courtesy of her "unarmed Palestinian people".

This is indicative of why the EU and other European officials should be summarily ignored whenever they pontificate about this situation which they know nothing about.

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