Wednesday, March 21, 2007

News Roundup for March 21

When Hamas fighting wing spokesman Abu Obaida was asked the ambiguous question "what you expect this resistance to comprise from the new government", he ambiguously answered:
We don’t' expect the government to take any security action against resistance factions as with the case in previous governments but the government will not be involved directly in the resistance that is for the resistance factions to conduct .
Okay. It seems that his run-on sentence means that "government Hamas" will not commit terror because that is the job of "resistance Hamas'". Hamas claims that their aims represent the entire Palestinian people, yet they expect the international community to distinguish between the divisional nuances of Hamas.
Abu Obaida added that " I would expect that Palestinians as a whole are in support of resistance and trying to grow the wide between government and resistance factions is not something accurate."
Or understandable. One has to wonder why can't anyone "grow the wide".
"Palestinians people as a whole government , Palestinian factions , political parties are under occupation and the Palestinian people as a whole exercise their right to resist and so trying to divide government and people and factions is something that is very realistic."
I think he means "UNrealistic", but who knows with these people?


For Hamas, when it comes to America, there is no love lost.
Deputy-head of Hamas’ bloc in the PLC Dr. Yahya Mousa has affirmed that the USA “satanic” policies against the Arabs and Muslims had generated waves of hatred against it across the Arab and Muslim world.
Satanic? Waves of hatred? Muslim Kurds would not agree. Iraqi polls show that Arabs don't want America to leave any time soon. Satanic indeed.
“The USA occupation of Iraq had indeed dragged the entire world 100 years backward, and revived the mentality of imperialism, colonialism, and slavery”
Yes, Hamas was so much more favorably disposed toward the United States before the Iraq invasion. But that's beside the point.
He also opined that the way the USA dealt with the democratically elected PA Hamas-led government serves as a paradigm for the way it would deal with Arab countries practicing real democracy...
The PA practices real democracy? Saddam and baby Assad hold "elections", too, but that doesn't mean that they have democracies.
He also confirmed that the USA policy in the Arab region won’t succeed, declaring that the Arab world won’t surrender under those US strikes, and that the strikes would strengthen the Arab world rather than weaken it...
Then they should hope and pray that America will strike harder, more frequently, and with less restraint in order to really strengthen the "Arab world".

So if America is "Satanic" how can Hamas possibly accept, much less beg for, such corrupt, tainted, and immoral money?


In Lebanon, the Hizbullah-led "opposition" contradicts itself again when referring to the sit-in that has paralyzed the country for the last four months.
Hizbullah's number two, Sheikh Naim Qassem, said the "main goal" of the sit-in was to tell the world that Lebanon "is in trouble."
Well done, mission accomplished. Now get out of Beirut.
Rather than intending to "paralyze" Lebanon, Qassem said that "the sit-in is meant to denounce all attempts to paralyze Lebanon on the political, social and economic levels."

Got that? They are paralyzing Lebanon in order to "denounce all attempts to paralyze Lebanon".

Any questions?


Iran's president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wished the Iranians a happy Iranian new year (1386 for those of you keeping count) with a predictably optimistic message.
President Ahmadinejad said that Iran's foreign policy last year was dynamic and influential...
That's for sure. Just see all the attention Iran is getting from the UN's Security Council.
...while friendly ties with other nations were expanded and the rights of the Iranian nation preserved adding that last year tens of new agreements were signed with other countries and tens of joint projects went into operation.
Not hundreds, not scores, not dozens, but tens! Tens!!
Making reference to the measures taken by some big powers to launch psychological war and propaganda against the Iranian and other nations of the world aimed at securing their illegitimate interests...
Uh oh.
...president Ahmadinejad stated, "They have experienced failure in the face of the strong logic of the Iranian nation while other nations of the world have risen to reject these powers..."
Yet another foolish victim falls before the face of that Iranian strong logic. When will they ever learn?
"...therefore, they are now intending to launch a propaganda and psychological war..."
Didn't he just mention above "launch psychological war and propaganda"? I guess that's one effect of the countless "psychological war" attacks.
He further stated that the main problem of the present world is the result of the performance of a number of racist Zionists who have dominated the centers of power and the mass media and intend to keep the world people in the state of poverty, hardship and animosity in order to ultimately stabilize their sovereignty over the world, but the great nation of Iran is opposed to this trend and insists on its stances, however, those bullying powers are unaware of the fact that they have launched a war against nations, human values and civilization through already failed methods.
What is it with Middle Easterners and run-on sentences? Apparently they think they appear more formidable if they butcher the measly rules of pitiful grammar.


And finally...

America just doesn't understand the Muslim mind despite efforts to win them over. What is the solution? One columnist has a solution.
Instead of championing the loud voices of the secular minority who are capturing media attention with their conferences, manifestos and memoirs, the United States would be wise instead to pay more attention to the far less loquacious majority.

Actually, America is listening. And for Muslims, that is the problem.

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Michael said...

I'm glad I found your blog; your news roundups are great reading.

As for how to "grow wide," that must be pretty easy if when you get $1.2 billion in aid packages...