Monday, March 19, 2007

Ahmadinejad Answers His Own Mail

The progressive Iranian President has his own blog. In it he answers fan mail obviously written by himself. Here's a letter from an American mother who supposedly lost her son serving in Iraq. If English is your first language, imagine the probability that this was written by an American.

Mr. President

I am writing you this letter as a mother who her son was sent to Iraq forcibly and has been taken away from her for ever.

You may know it or not that most of the Americans do not like Bush. He is (….). We do not recognize him as our president. He entered the white house by cheating. He is not a legitimate president. Even a great number of American mothers who their sons were not sent to Iraq, are agree with me. They know Bush as (….).

Mr. President! As much as we hate war, we hate Bush and his gangs! I want you know that if you intend to attack U.S., most of the people are like me here. We can’t stop his stupid acts for now, but I am writing this letter, because I know you as a pious and logical man.

I am not scared of Bush and his gangs or his security forces, but since I do not want them to interrupt my battle and my fellow Americans’ struggle against this administration, please keep my name and identification anonymous.

With best wishes
This is a case of someone with a much too high of an opinion of himself. Let's just hope he continues to publicly embarrass himself like this.


Michael said...

That "letter" is one of the funniest things I have ever read. I say that as a native English speaker.

Thanks for posting it.

Abu Yossi said...

it's nice to blog when these things write themselves.