Wednesday, March 28, 2007

News Roundup for March 28

Two terrorist kidnappings, no connection at all claims terrorists in Gaza.

The spokesman [Abu Mujahid of the PRC] also charged that the Israeli attempt to connect between the two incidents was a “desperate” step on the part of Israel that aims at tarnishing the shiny image of the Palestinian people and the Palestinian resistance.
The kidnappings do not tarnish their "shiny" image, but rather the attempt to make a connection between the two is what is damaging. The brilliance continues:
“The Palestinian resistance isn’t harming friends of the Palestinian people or those supporting the Palestinian question like Johnston. They are our visitors and we deal with them in a distinguished hospitality”, the spokesman underlined.
Some distinguished hospitality that is. Anyway, I thought reporters like Johnston were supposed to be impartial transmitters of news, not reporting their bias as fact. Oh, silly me - he works for the BBC.


Speaking of bias, Nasser Al-Lahham, the editor-in-chief of the Palestinian news agency Ma'an shares his thoughts.
However, the Arab summit in Riyadh will mark the last chance for Israel to survive in peace. There will be no new Arab generation to trust political solutions while Israel forcibly depends on military might.
With talk of "peace" like that, no wonder Israel relies on military might.
The issue is not only related to direct threats to the existence of Israel. It is a more comprehensive threat to the whole Arab political system which prevails in the Arab orient. Israel does not bear the elements for political cessation, and the Arab summit will be of great influence on the prevailing Arab system.
Now he's trying to sound smart. If you don't understand what he just said, it's because you are not as smart as him.
Israel has always gone to the extreme regarding time.
How does one go to an extreme with regard to time?
The Israelis have always undermined the time element, and depended on military power since their beginning in 1948.
What is the "time element" and how does Israel always undermine it?
Then they occupied the West Bank and Gaza Strip in 1967.
Maybe I'm just not smart enough to follow what he's saying.
In 1978, the Israeli prime minister at the time, Menachem Begin, abandoned the Camp David treaty after he signed it with the Egyptian president, Anwar Sadat.
Um, Israel gave the Sinai back completely. What is he talking about?

Now for the good news (for him).
The most important part is the belief amongst the Palestinian, Arab and Muslim new generation that Israel will not survive for more than 7 years even if it possesses the whole nuclear arsenal of the globe.
Big words, but is anyone willing to put money on that?

So, Mr. Editor-in-chief, if you were an Israeli, what would you do?
If I were an Israeli, I would have apologized to Abu Mazen immediately and asked forgiveness from Ismail Haniyeh. I would have told the Saudi monarch: "Please, your majesty, help us and excuse our foolishness when we refused your peace initiative in 2002.
Hutzpah and ignorance - an embarrassing combination.

I wonder: how did this ridiculous guy get to be an editor-and-chief? Must be the occupation.


The Palestinian government is all things to all people in the article Government of Resistance and Peace. And all this time I thought resistance and peace were mutually incompatible with each other.
The [Palestinian] government is already fostering an atmosphere of optimism among Palestinians and is already drawing generally positive reactions in the region and throughout the world.
If "generally positive reactions" means non-acceptance and no aid, then what would a negative reaction look like?
And when the callous policy of starvation failed to achieve Israel’s goals, the Israeli government sought to implode Gaza by encouraging and inducing infighting among Palestinians.
Of course Israel is the only possible reason for all of the infighting.
Now, the Israeli government argues that it can’t recognize, let alone hold peace talks with the new government because it has failed to meet conditions imposed by the so-called Quartet (UN, US, EU and Russia).

Well, the Quartet conditions are not a holy text.
Neither is the Hamas charter, but they sure act like it is.
Moreover, the government, while asserting the legitimacy of resistance against a sinister military occupation, which is an enduring act of rape, has also voiced sincere willingness to consolidate and extend the present ceasefire with Israel and extend it to the West Bank.
Israel can do without any more Palestinian "ceasefires". It is hard to tell the difference between the actual fighting and the ceasefire.
As for adhering to outstanding agreements, the government platform says it will respect these agreements which successive Israeli governments never really respected or accepted in any genuine manner.
Israel evacuated from Gaza, not to mention all of the other territory it turned over to the Palestinians. And never mind that the Palestinians never did anything beyond "respect" (whatever that means) the less-than holy agreements.
The truth of the matter, however, is that Israel is using the Quartet conditions as a red herring, a cheap distraction and a kind of propagandistic excuse to blur and cover up its rejectionism and intransigence.
If so, then call Israel's bluff! They accuse all day but won't put their money where their mouth is.
Needless to say, the reason for this overwhelming insolence is Israel’s adamant refusal to pay the price for peace, namely giving up the stolen goods, the spoils of the 1967 war.
Let me get this straight - Muslim nations, who didn't want peace, fought a war and lost land to Israel, and will now give peace if Israel gives the same land up, putting Israel in the same situation as before.
Israel doesn’t tell the truth when it claims there is no Palestinian partner for peace. The new Palestinian government is the right partner and the right address.
Really? I guess they didn't listen to Hamas.
Hence, if Israel is truly interested in peace, not in public relations theatrics and futile prevarication, it should declare openly before the world its willingness to end the occupation and dismantle the Satanic colonies.
What a drama queen. Satanic colonies? Yes, settlements are worse than suicide terror aimed at women and children.
Israel may be dreaming of seeing a Palestinian Sa’ad Hadad or an Antoine Lahd or another similar quisling. But that won’t happen at all. Traitors in Palestine don’t live long.
That's for sure. They are taken out and shot in the street in the name of Islamic vigilante justice.


And finally...

The deep and thoughtful Muammar al-Qaddafi shares his wisdom with us again.
The Libyan leader, Colonel Muammar al-Qaddafi, has told Al-Jazeera satellite channel that the agenda of the Arab summit was prepared in the USA...
If only. That explains the condemnation of America and Israel, as well as forcing Israel to accept the Arab initiative for "peace" requiring Israel to accept Palestinian refugees into Israel. Yep, straight from America. However, the Colonel is deeply concerned about the plight of the poor Palestinian refugees, who are so dear to his heart.
He also said that he is planning to send all the Palestinians living in his country – some 30,000 – to Palestine to prove that there is no solution to the conflict and because he refuses to be part of the deal which intends to sell the Palestinian people and issue, which he said the Arab leaders are complicit in.
I'm sure the Palestinians in Algeria are thrilled to hear this.
Qaddafi also said that he admires US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice because of her colour and African origins, and because she has reached such a high position in the USA government.
Sounds like the Colonel might have a little case of Jungle Fever.
He told the channel that he feels sorry for the Arab leaders as they can do nothing in the face of American pressure.
Maybe the Arab leaders could take a few lessons from the Colonel on how to sweet talk the "colour"ful Condi into lessening the American pressure.


Michael said...

Sounds like the Colonel might have a little case of Jungle Fever.

Somehow, I don't think that Ms Rice would be impressed...

Abu Yussif said...

come on, what chick could resist a dude in shiny robes and a freaky pill hat atop his (admittedly receding) jerry curls?

then again, you might be right - he may be the leader of a country but he's ONLY a colonel. condi may have to tell him to "talk to the hand..."

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