Friday, February 9, 2007

News Roundup for February 8

To protest the excavations near Temple Mount by Israel, Palestinians in Gaza are "hurling homemade projectiles" at Israeli cities. And we don't mean they are throwing baked goods over the border fence.

In Beirut, a news organization "discovered mysterious holes in the windows of its offices" which, after a meticulous official investigation by Lebanese authorities, were discovered to be from...bullets! Who would have thought?

Lastly, Syrian Mufti Hassoun met with three Dutch diplomats on efforts to more effectively spread the truth that the "real image of Islam" is indeed THE unparalleled promoter of "love and peace in the world", as well as the "culture of dialogue and tolerance".

How does one prove this? The Mufti brings the most persuasive evidence he can muster: it's all Israel's fault, of course.
Hassoun pointed out the massacres perpetrated by Israeli forces against the Palestinian people, reiterating that Israel is pursuing state organized terrorism since the perpetration of atiocieties [sp] by the Zionist gangs in 1948 against the Palestinian people.
Yet further irrefutable proof of the greatness of Islam.

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