Thursday, March 8, 2007

Palestinian "International Women's Day": Different

Here's another example on the contribution of good Muslim women to Palestinian society, courtesy of Hamas, entitled "International Woman's Day is different in Palestine" (boy, that's for sure).
Um Nidal bid her son Mohmmad [sp] farewell before his famous operation, and waited for his return as a martyr. She did not expect him to return alive. But she waited to hear news of victory and martyrdom. He infiltrated into a military academy and killed more than ten soldiers before his martyrdom.
How does one kill soldiers "before his martyrdom"? I digress.
Um-Nidal’s tears upon hearing the news were of happiness not sadness.
Her tears were "not sadness", just in case you were wondering. Get the very next paragraph entitled "Advocate of Morality and Ethics" (always a twisted definition of terms).
More important than the role in armed resistance is women’s role in spreading Islamic teaching and principles inside the Palestinian society. Women are very active in teaching the Holy Quran and Islamic conduct in various life issues. Women as mothers who carry the burden of caring for children have been able to educate future mothers on how to lead their lives, and how to raise their children.
Which, of course, includes teaching them Holy Quran's "Islamic values" how to hate, murder, and suicide.

As the title of the article says, "International Woman's Day is different in Palestine". Very different.

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