Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Hamas loves to portray themselves as a logical, calculating organization. And that they are. Except for one thing: they lack intelligence, which is key in avoiding stupid decisions and saying embarrassing things. Here is another example from their entertaining website titled: "The Zionist forces tried to trap the resistance men by exchanging glasses but failed".
The occupation forces tried many times to trap the resistance men in order to get their soldier without releasing any Palestinian prisoner [sp]. They searched a lot for the war arrested [?] soldier in the best tools [?] that they have. However, their intelligence attempts [?] falls down in front of the great will of the resistance men.
Horrible English aside, this simply means that Israel hasn't yet got a Palestinian "brother" to betray them. Yet.
Zionist Channel2 TV reported on Monday that representatives of the International Red Cross have been trying for over a week to contact the captors of the Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit, in order to deliver spectacles to him upon his family's request, but they refused.
I guess this qualifies as treating him humanely according to the tenants of Islam, if you go by what Hamas leader Haniyeh said himself before. Regardless, Hamas stands firm.
According to Channel 2, the rejection to meet the Red Cross representatives is due to security concerns. The arrests are afraid [?] that the issue of spectacles is a trap to reveal the place where Shalit is being found [?].
Can you say "paranoia"?
the [sp] spokesman of the PRC, Abu Mujahid, said, "We refuse to receive anything from Shalit's parents and the Palestinian factions are taking good care of his needs."
Imagine the outcry if Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails took away just ONE of their privileges, such as cell phones, radios, family visits, televisions, mail.

It seems that Islam's version of being "treated well" falls rather short when compared to infidels.
Zionists have a history of incidents like this when they used Red Cross delegates as a Trojan horse. In one incident, they used Red Cross uniforms to storm an airplane which was hijacked by a group of Palestinians and forced it to land at Ben Gurion airport. That incident caused a huge crisis between the International Red Cross and the Palestinian resistance.
The Red Cross fell out of favor with terrorist for not going along with their terror. What was the Red Cross thinking?
In another incident, Israel assassinated a Palestinian leader, Wadi' Haddad, with a delivery of poisoned chocolate.
They also sent an ambushed gun to a resistance leader in Bethlehem, who lost a leg when the gun exploded.
Oops. Gotta look out for those "ambushed" guns.
Also , our Qassam leader Yehaya Ayyash was trapped by a mobile sent to him by one Palestinian traitor and was assassinated by the Zionist planes in 1996.
Oops. No wonder they are worried about a pair of reading glasses.
Thus, the resistance men will not be caught in the Zionist trap more than a hundred times and will never defeated by such a mockery trick.
You can fool them 70, 80, 90, times, but you are dreaming if you think you can do it more than 100.

Pavlov's dog ain't got nothin' on Hamas.

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