Saturday, March 17, 2007

News Roundup for March 17

"Human rights", Palestinian Style
Acting PLC speaker Dr. Ahmad Bahar has urged the world to support the Palestinian people’s rights.
And what are the Palestinian's "rights"?
...Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh of the Islamist Hamas movement said the new coalition government upheld the right to "all forms" of resistance against Israel.
That is, the "right" to commit suicide terror against civilians.


High Crimes
Israel wants to build the first light-rail line that will be used by all residents of Jerusalem to help alleviate congestion in the city. The Palestinians, of course, are trying to stop this scandalous tram.
"If human rights groups and Palestinian solidarity campaigns can ensure that no country will train Israeli engineers and drivers, then perhaps we can help to 'derail' this criminal project entirely."
Maybe the thought of a tram that can carry both Jew and Muslim passengers is problematic for suicide terrorists who want to kill Jews exclusively.


New Category of Crimes
The excavations adjacent to the Western Wall of Temple Mount are, uh, criminal. Or something.
Headline: The Islamic movement emphasizes that the excavations which are taking place at the Mughrabi gate is a vague crime.
Maybe those responsible should be vaguely punished.


Terrorists CAN Be Reformed
And you thought a suicidal terrorist was a hopeless case? Think again.
Saudi Arabia said that 90 per cent of those who have been detained for holding "deviant thoughts" have reformed and announced their repentance.


At the end of 2005, Saudi Arabia announced it had released nearly 400 detainees held for security reasons after providing them with intense counselling and making sure they were free of deviant thoughts.
A little counseling, a few hugs, and viola! No more desire to murder infidels. Who would have thought?


Another Conspiracy?
Europeans are up to no good.
Headline: Solana : We will increase our aids for the Palestinian people during this year.

Something to Hide?
Scroll through recent stories on the Iranian FARS News website and notice the headlines of articles about their nuclear program: instead of the word "nuclear", the letter "N." is used instead.

Iran not to Withdraw from N. Stances

S. Africa Wants Iran N. Row to Lead to Political Ways

Iran Still hopeful about Diplomatic Solution to N. Issue

Iran will not Give Up an Iota of N. Rights

Iran Sees Talks Ending Russian N. Plant Row

And so on. One wonders why?


And finally...

Koranic Instruction of the Day
Muslim women are inferior. But they are not. A reader submits a question to a Saudi paper's Islamic affairs editor:
Q. I read a Hadith [Islamic tradition] in which the Prophet (peace be upon him) describes women as deficient in faith and mental power. It also mentions that women will make up the majority of the dwellers of hell. Could you please explain this Hadith and whether it means that no matter how hard a woman tries, she cannot attain the same standard of faith as men.

A. This Hadith is authentic, but it has often been quoted out of context.
If you want to read for yourself how something both is and isn't, go right ahead. But, in order to understand, first turn off your brain.


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I like your news roundup. Thanks.

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