Wednesday, March 7, 2007

State of Extreme Disgruntlement

Don't look now, but Palestinian prisoners are not happy as "State of extreme disgruntlement engulfs Palestinian prisoners".
The [PA prisoners’ affairs] ministry, in a statement it issued on Wednesday and a copy of which was obtained by the PIC, affirmed that the IOF [Israeli army] troops were “arbitrarily arresting tens of Palestinian citizens for rejecting the occupation..."
That is, taking part in terrorism.
"...with the aim to weaken their spirit of resistance”.
Or, in other words, enforcing the idea to terrorists that involvement in terrorism has a price.
The statement cited IOF storming of the PA general intelligence and military intelligence headquarters...
Oxymorons both. Ramallah city earlier Wednesday and the subsequent arrest of tens of its cadres, marking the operation as “cowardly”.
"Cowardly", as opposed to "brave" Palestinian civilian-aimed suicide terrorists operations.

PA prisoners’ affairs minister in the caretaker government Wasfi Kabaha claims robbery on the high seas.
“This is an above-board and plain Israeli piracy against the Palestinian people”,
No, it is against the terrorists, unless, of course, the minister is making the assertion that the Palestinian people and terrorists are one in the same. Clarification is needed.
He, furthermore, unveiled that a state of extreme anger was prevailing among Palestinian captives in Israeli jails due to the “inhuman and humiliating treatment at the hands of Israeli jailors”.
One thing is for sure, Israel at least makes the attempt since the jails are open for external scrutiny. At least the prisoners in Israeli jails won't face Palestinian "justice" in the middle of a crowded street on the wrong end of the vigilante gun. Like they say, "If you can't do the time, don't do the crime".
In this context, Kabaha urged the international community to immediately mobilize to force the Hebrew state halt those unsanctioned practices.
Yes, halt Israel so the "resistance" can continue unopposed. We know it must be frustrating for a terrorist to not be free to kill Israeli civilians at will.

And now for something completely related, the same article continues.
In a related matter, the Israeli military court in Ofer detention camp adjourned the trial of Palestinian lawmakers Dr. Ibrahim Abu Salem, and Mahmoud Abu Juhaisha of Hamas Movement to the 27th of this month.

The two MPs refused to recognize legality of the court being a court of an occupation force, insisting they were democratically elected Palestinian lawmakers and, thus, protected under international laws and conventions by their immunity.
Hypocritical moral equivalence at its finest:
1) They want recognition and legitimacy, but refuse to give it.
2) The legality of Israeli court has more credibility than the non-state election of unofficial Palestine.
3) If occupation delegitimizes the court, then so too the Palestinian elections and those elected.
4) An elected terrorist is still a terrorist and international law doesn't protect genocidal organizations (see "Article Seven: The Universality of Hamas" of the Hamas covenant, but read the whole thing for the full picture). Just ask the elected German government at the Nuremburg trials if international law was helpful for them.

Don't think so.

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