Monday, March 19, 2007

News Roundup for March 19

Terrorist groups are bickering again over who is the big man in the refugee camp.
[Fatah's spokesman Jamal] Nazal described Dahlan's appointment as a smart blow and a test for the intentions of those who only want to talk about reconciliation but would not commit practically to it .
There's one of those "intentions of those who only want to talk about reconciliation but would not commit practically to it" tests again.
" Hamas had appointed ministers and MP who were involved in financial and administrative corruptions , but it is so funny that Hamas will now refer to the Basic Law which Hamas had accused earlier of including illegal and secular articles which are rejected from Hamas 's point of view ",.
Yuk yuk yuk, sooo funny.


Hamas is the perfect organization and they have no problems.
Palestinian MP Mushir Al-Masri of Hamas has categorically denied any political rift within Hamas Movement over the political platform of the PA unity government, describing rumors in this regard as “splatters and imaginations”.
What dopes, thinking they can splatter Hamas.
...the Movement had experienced a lot of those “disquieting news” in the past; yet such lies strengthened Hamas rather than weakened it.
So why does Hamas speak out against lies that are a source of such strength?
Masri affirmed that the PA unity government is an integrated government that couldn’t be dealt with selectively.
In other words, the unity government should be completely shunned altogether.
“We hope that the EU countries would be more prudent and would take rational steps away from the USA policy that blindly adopts Israel’s vision”, Masri concluded.
No Al-Masri, because the EU is being "prudent" and taking "rational steps" they adopt "Israel's vision" of shunning you with their eyes wide open.


How to blame others for your failure while not failing at a job that no one could succeed at.
Former interior minister, Said Siyam, told Al Aqsa Satellite Channel, which is loyal to Hamas, that the year of his leadership has been full of hardships.
Bless his heart.
"I was very patient and have never investigated any patriotic person."
Glad to see he was doing his job. And he wonders why anarchy prevailed on Gaza under his watch?
When asked about whether he failed in his job he said "I did not fail...
Of course he didn't, never mind that the security situation in Gaza has never been more abysmal. Ever. But remember: it was not his fault.
...they made me fail."
If it wasn't for people he would have been a complete success.
"I was not given the chance to work properly and that is why nobody can judge if I succeeded or if I failed."
You may see complete failure, but you are in no position to make that assessment.
He added that no other minister could succeed in this post.
If he was a failure in his post, then obviously no else could do better. It's not easy to be such a great and wonderful person.
He said that he feels happy for leaving the post.
Not as happy as everyone else in Gaza.


Hamas, who agreed to the unity government that renounces violence against Israel, boasts about, um, violence against Israel.
Snipping [sp] a Zionist soldier near Karni Entrance and firing two mortar shells
The "Zionist soldier" that was "snipped" (sniped) was actually a civilian employee of an electric company.
In response to the occupation forces attacks on the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, Ezzedeen Al-Qassam Brigades mujahedeen shot at a Zionist soldier and fired two mortar shells at the same group...
Way to renounce that violence.


In Gaza, explosions just happen.
Security sources reported that a big explosion broke out in ALaa Al Hissi's house , a two floors [sp] house close from the supplies centre in the camp , th eexplosion [sp] resulted in severe damages [sp] to the house and the near by [sp] houses [.]
Imagine how this would be described if Israel had something to do with it.
The Islamic Jihad radio said that ALaa AL Hissi was one of it's members
Hmmm, a terrorist and an explosion.
...reasons for the explosion have not been revealed yet .
Gee, wonder what it could possibly be.
ALaa Al Hissi was seriously injured , then was submitted to a surgery operation at AL Shefaa hospital in Gaza in an attempt to save his life but unfortunately he died .
Call it a form of justice.


Michael said...

Abu Yussif: I really enjoy your news roundups.

The "Zionist soldier" that was "snipped" (sniped) was actually a civilian employee of an electric company.

Don't forget where most of the electricity in Gaza comes from: The Israel Electric Corporation!

As a group, the palestinians seem to be particularly good at biting the hands that feed them...

Abu Yossi said...

they look for the places where they can sabotage their own people, in order to complain more loudly.

no one does it better...

Michael said...

That gets clearer and clearer every day.