Monday, April 2, 2007

Weeping, Wailing, Gnashing Teeth

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, dubbed the world's most powerful woman by Forbes magazine, visited Palestinian high-ranking "sources" and left them extremely disappointed. Get your big box of tissues ready.
-[Merkel] lacked all elements of common decency and respect,
And what exactly are the "elements of common decency and respect"?
-was not polite as a high-ranking official like her should be,
Exactly how polite should a high-ranking official be?
-failed to observe basic codes of conduct,
Where exactly does one find a listing of the "basic codes of conduct"?
-did "everything possible to provoke the Palestinian people",
In other words, Merkel did not kiss up to them and empathize with them enough. Clear provocation.
-underestimated the suffering of these people,
And after this trip will never underestimate the Palestinian ability to complain and blame Israel for everything under the sun.
-interested only in the case of the Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit,
Who is a soldier kidnapped by terrorists.
-did not say a word about 12,000 Palestinian prisoners including women, children, old people and sick people, in Israeli jails,
The majority of whom were arrested for being involved in terror-related activities.
-visited the families of the three captured Israeli soldiers in Lebanon and Gaza she refused to meet any of the families of the Palestinian prisoners,
She refused to engage in moral equivalence between terrorists and non-terrorists.
-discrimination was obvious in her visit from the very beginning,
-refused to meet Abbas in Bethlehem to see the separation wall, which causes endless suffering to Palestinians,
Probably because the source of suffering from the wall is the terror which Palestinians refuse to oppose.
-refused, even during Easter to witness the Israeli measures of restriction on Christians, banning them from entering the holy city of Bethlehem,
Christians, who are pawns cynically used by the Palestinians for their propaganda purposes.
-cancelled a meeting with the representatives of the Palestinians Non-Government Organisation's[sp],
Which are repetitious anti-Israel boilerplate wastes of time events.
-concentrated only on the issue of Shalit and did not pay much attention to the issue of peace process or the Israeli measures on the ground, which make the lives of Palestinians unbearable,
Israeli "measures on the ground" are, in fact, controlled by Palestinian actions "on the ground".
-refused to meet any of the ministers despite the decisions of the Europeans to meet with some of the ministers, thus contradicting the trend of the EU,
Trends are not laws or obligations. It's a free world.

And under the heading "Holocaust Hangover", more complaints.
The result of the visit of Merkel, according to the sources, "raises the question about the impact of a biased Germany policy, how can such a policy play a role in reviving the peace process and how can Merkel be a fair party?"
Not "fair" in the moral equivalent sense of the term, but "fair" in the moral sense of the term.
Finally, the sources asked whether "the Palestinian people have to pay the price for the suffering of the Jews and the crimes committed against them?"
No, the Palestinian people have to pay the price for their own terrorist actions and the crimes committed by them.

I can understand their dilemma, but I do not see the problem. Kudos to Chancellor Merkel.

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