Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Occupation: the Problem (and the Cure)

This is a perfect example of how Palestinians blame Israel while admitting Israel actually helped in every way possible, despite Palestinian incompetence.
The Palestinian ministry of agriculture failed to announce the spread of foot and mouth disease from the north to the south of the West Bank. If the Israeli radio (Arabic language) had not reported the spread, Palestinians would not know.
Palestinians don't announce, but Israel makes aware.
Palestinian officials accused the Israeli occupation of spreading the disease in the West Bank by hindering Palestinian vets from attending to their work through the erection of checkpoints and barriers.
Why did this happen? It's the occupation, stupid!
An Israeli civil representative refuted the accusations and claimed that Israel had given the Palestinian vets 500,000 medical doses to fight the disease in Beit Furik, near Nablus and then supplied another 100,000 samples of the serum. A Palestinian official acknowledge the receipt of medicines and expressed gratitude to the Israelis.
Erm, what was that about the "occupation"?
However, he condemned the checkpoints and barriers, which obstructed the operating of vets and spread the disease from Nablus to Tulkarem and then Hebron.
Oh yes, it was the occupation. No, I mean it wasn't. Or was it?
The Palestinian ministry of agriculture also informed the Israelis that they could not afford the medicines.
Thankfully for them, Israel is generous to those who even hate them to death. Otherwise the disease would be completely out of control and all herds would have to be destroyed.
After the spread of the news, Dr Jihad Beni 'Odeh, the veterinary director of Nablus governorate, admitted that foot and mouth disease had appeared in the governorate 40 days ago.
Good thing Israel was on top of the situation, Dr. Jihad.
He added that the situation nowadays is almost completely under control.
So why the hysterical overreaction about the "occupation" causing a problem? I guess they can't resist any possible opportunity to blame Israel, even if it makes them look stupid.
'Odeh assured citizens that there is no risk in buying meat.
That is, of course, unless he can think of some way the occupation can be accused of endangering the meat-buying process. Stay tuned because I'm sure they will think of something.

UPDATE - Another Palestinian news outlet makes observations on the foot and mouth disease problem in the PA and adds a suggestion of culpability.
...Palestinian ministry of agriculture which was designated to Hamas in the late Hamas led government and which Hamas has insisted on keeping it for another tour, is in a deep coma .
DR. Najat Abu Bakir , a member in the Legislative council , called on the Palestinian ministry of agriculture to show more responsibility towards protecting a large scale of a main source of living for the Palestinian people .
Don't hold your breath waiting for Palestinians to do anything other than fight and kill Jews.

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