Monday, April 16, 2007

Can't Be Too Careful

My last post showed that it's ok to marry a goat, but apparently it's not ok for vegetables to intermingle.
Soldiers say the most heinous crimes are committed by al-Qaeda in Iraq fighters, who have attacked hospitals, used female suicide bombers, raped and tortured. They are said to inflict their hard-line religious beliefs in bizarre ways, such as prohibiting shopkeepers from putting cucumbers (considered male) and tomatoes (female) in the same bins.
What exactly are they afraid of? That the cucumbers and tomatoes will give everyone immoral thoughts? Or maybe it's that are they afraid that there will be rampant veggie cohabitation? Just wait until they realize that all those cucumbers together in the same bin is trouble just waiting to happen.


Michael said...

Maybe it will lead to mixed dancing?

Anonymous said...

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