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News Roundup for April 29

Disgrace(d/ful) former Arab Mk Azmi Bishara is stirring the conspiracies about his dilemma.
Israeli Member of Knesset, Azmi Bishra, has expressed concerns that he may be assassinated by Israeli intelligence agency, Mossad.
Come now, Amzi. I think that you serve the Zionists best alive and with your mouth running. Shutting you up would ruin Israel's best advertisement against you. However, Azmi is not afraid.
Israeli news sites reported that Bishara told his friends and some journalists "despite my belief that the Israeli Mossad might consider assassinating me, I am not afraid as I am an Arab patriot." He added "I don’t exclude this possibility but I am not afraid".
Did he mention that he's not afraid? Gotta admire such bravery, which probably explains why he "fled Israel", according to the article.


Palestinians can't handle criticism, as seen in reaction to an Egyptian delegation's comments against their firing rockets to Israel, who called it a "lost gamble".
The spokesperson of the Hamas movement, Ismail Radwan, said "resistance is not gambling, but a legal right for the Palestinian people, secured by all international laws and conventions."
If these people believe international law endorses terrorism, it's no wonder they believe receiving international aid is also a "right". The hurt feelings are evident, though.
A spokesperson for one of the groups, the Popular Resistance Committees, slammed the Egyptian official for his remarks: "The head of the Egyptian security delegation should speak positively about the rocket attacks or else shut up."
Talk to the hand, 'cause the terrorist ain't listening.


And Hamas is not interested in removing the checkpoints into Israel, which they feel is their right to enter at will, because it will violate their rights.
Dr. Salah Al-Bardaweel, the spokesman of Hamas’ parliamentary bloc in the PLC, criticized on Sunday a new US plan dubbed “free crossing in exchange for security” that was handed over to the Israeli occupation government and the PA.

According to the plan, the Israeli occupation government would open crossing points in Gaza Strip before Gazans in addition to easing restrictions on free movement of Palestinians at roadblocks in the West Bank on condition the PA security forces would thwart Palestinian missile attacks on Israeli settlements.

Free crossing of people is a right sanctioned by international laws and conventions for all peoples, and thus we demand it as a natural right and not in exchange for something else”, said Bardaweel in a press statement he made in reaction to the plan.
In other words, the right to commit terrorism supersedes the "natural rights" he just elucidated. In fact, the PFLP (another terrorist group) has a name for the proposal:
The Front [PFLP] said in a statement that the plan blackmails the Palestinian people's simplest human rights and legitimate right of resisting occupation and establishing the fully independent, sovereign state with Jerusalem as its capital.
With priorities like that, no wonder Gaza is the cesspool it is.


And with said priorities, it is no wonder that a fatwa has been issued over Palestinians about haircuts.
The Supreme Fatwa Council of Palestine has issued a fatwa permitting men's and women's hairdressers to operate on condition that they do not break Islamic law.
As you know, Islam has a law for everything.
The fatwa stated that women can be employed as hairdressers as long as they only cut the hair of women that want to look attractive for their husbands and not other men or foreigners; this would be Haram (forbidden).
So I suppose now every hairdresser must ask the question "Are you wanting this hairstyle to look good for your husband, or for other men or foreigners?"
It also stated that if a foreign man is present in the hairdressers, women must be prohibited from entering it.
Because we all know how seductive and tempting watching haircuts can be.
The council urged the Palestinian Muslims to avoid "suspicion" and to follow the religious rules and rituals according to Islamic law.
And in order to avoid suspicion, one must have religious police (aka Taliban) patrolling everywhere. Yes, give 'em a state.


One cannot speak of religious police without mentioning Iran and their pious president forcing Iranian women to cover their heads up in public.
One week after police started enforcing strict new Islamic dress code rules, Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Friday that his opponents were manipulating the moralization campaign so as to create discontent. "Our enemies want a limited group of people, mostly youth, to hit the streets dressed in a vulgar manner to provoke police intervention and then use against our country the bad feelings of young people who have been mistreated by security officials," said the president.
No, Mahmoud. Your moralization campaign creates the discontent all by itself. No need for any "manipulation".
"During the first four days [since the code came into effect] we have picked up 150,000 women who were not properly veiled, but many of them were released after they signed an admission of guilt and a formal apology," General Ismail Ahmadi Moghaddam [Iran's top police officer] said Thursday.
They are proud of this, mind you.
An unspecified number of the women taken into custody were also forced to undergo psychological counseling, Moghaddam said.
Yes, wanting to be free apparently is considered to be a mental problem with these people. No surprise, considering they deny the Holocaust happened and consider suicide terror to be a religious and national duty.
The leader of Tehran's prayer on Friday, ayatollah Ahmad Khatami, praised the new rules saying that "in the past week the great majority of the population has felt more secure and protected by police."
Whew! At last they can now leave their doors unlocked at night since women are now forced to wear their veils in public.
"Anyone criticizing police will attract the ire of the population."
Let's give this campaign a little time and see who it is that attracts "the ire of the population".


And finally...

Only in Iran: Donkey Swallows 2 Lambs
In a rare incident a donkey swallowed two lambs and died a little after in a village in the vicinity of the town of Charam in Iran's western province of Kohgilouyeh and Boyer Ahmad on Sunday. The unprecedented incident not only surprised but also frightened all villagers in the area.
I'll say.
The donkey is reportedly dead.
Too bad that this official Iranian news outlet can't verify craziness before reporting it.

Lesson: stay away from Iran. Things are not normal there.

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