Monday, April 9, 2007

Massacre? Massacre!

Arab MK Mohammed Barakeh asks for a healthy dose of moral equivalence that is hard, if not impossible, to swallow by accusing Israel of
being persistent in committing "massacres" against the Palestinian people all over occupied Palestine although in different manners.
MASSACRES, he says. MASSACRES of "different manners". The MASSACRES are
-coercing Palestinian Jerusalemites and those living in the 1948-occupied lands to gather in specified communities,

-denies them cultivation of their land with the aim to confiscate it after forcing them out of it,

-isolation and confinement of Palestinian citizens dwelling in the Negev desert in Ghettos in preparation to seize their fertile agricultural lands,

-Millions of Palestinian refugees in occupied Palestine, neighboring Arab countries, and in diaspora are the living proof of the ugliness of the Zionist massacres against them over the past six decades,
(Got that? "Living proof" of MASSACRES.)
-canceling residency IDs of scores of Palestinian Jerusalemites and demolishing their homes in order to frustrate and force them out of the city,
(Never mind that no proof is given, or if there happens to be a reasonable explanation behind any of these accusations, but) to sum up the MASSACRES: coercing, denying, isolating, confining, confiscating, seizing, canceling, demolishing, frustrating, forcing out.

MK Barakeh is correct that the MASSACRES are of a "different manner": they are the manner of MASSACRES in which no MASSACRE of any sort or stretch of the imagination takes place. Except a MASSACRE of the definition of the term "MASSACRE".


Michael said...

living proof of the ugliness of the Zionist massacres

Has Barakeh ever heard of irony?

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