Tuesday, April 3, 2007

British Marines Actually AWOL

Iranian news makes the claim that the British Marines are not being held against their will.
British Marines Enjoying So-Called Captivity

TEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- While British Prime Minister Tony Blair still makes wrathful statements about the TV interviews of his country's marines, the latest series of photographs released by FNA display that British troops are enjoying their ideal conditions in Iran.
It's just like shore leave, except in a fundamentalist Islamic warmongering nation that may put them to trial and execute them.
Today's photographs show that the British troops are having fruit and coffee, speaking to each other, playing chess and on the whole spending their desirable leisure time in Iran instead of serving missions in the cumbersome conditions of the Persian Gulf.
Yeah, why would people who chose this line of work want to actually be doing that sort of thing?
The 15 detainees, including 8 sailors and 7 British marines, were arrested by Iran's boarder guards on 23 of March, 2007.
Hence the title of the article "So-Called Captivity".
Despite allegation by some western media that the marines had made the confessions under duress, photographs, specially[sp] those taken today, prove that the British troops have acknowledged to their guilt freely and under an open atmosphere.
Right. Imagine this scenario - Iran to marines: "You have 2 choices: Admit you trespassed and we give you good food, clean clothes, and you'll live to see your family, friends, and homeland again soon; or if you would like to deny trespassing, the sweaty, muscled, hairy man behind you will chop off your head in front of this video camera after he has had his 'way' with you in front of the video camera, all of which will be distributed all over the internet and news media outlets. You are free to choose."

Who else would like to be a "so-called captive" of Iran? Any takers? Anyone?

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Michael said...

Of course, this is why the woman sailor was shown wearing an Islamic headscarf, because the Iranians are treating them so well, and respecting their cultural needs...