Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Ahmed, Get Your Gun

Or rope because it sounds like it is time for some more of that Palestinian-style vigilante justice.
A Palestinian merchant from Hebron, in the southern West bank, on Tuesday disposed 2,000 sacks of chips because they were inappropriate for human consumption.
In case you're wondering, you're supposed to be outraged.
Dissatisfied with the chips supplier, Muhammad Al-Qawasmi, from Hebron telephoned the department for protecting consumers who disposed of the ruined goods.
Ah, the prestigious "Department for Protecting Consumers Who Disposed of the Ruined Goods".
He [Al-Qawasmi] said: "I received the chips two weeks ago, and the children complained about the bad taste."
I can vouch that this can be said of all Palestinian-produced snacks.
"Then I informed the company which produces the chips, who promised to come and dispose of them. However, they did not show, and so I disposed of the chips myself."
In other words, the unreliable "Department for Protecting Consumers Who Disposed of the Ruined Goods" didn't come and throw it in the trash for him, so he threw them in the trash himself. News, this is.
He added, "The phenomenon of ruined products has been widespread recently in the Palestinian market, and so we call on the government to use an iron fist against those merchants who target our kids."
This is indicative of the state of anarchy in Palestinian territory - bad snacks are the result of an intentional plot targeting children that should be punished with the utmost severity (hence, "iron fist"). One can only wonder why Israel is not suspected and accused of orchestrating the entire situation.

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