Friday, April 27, 2007

News Roundup for April 27

Disgraced Israeli Arab MK Azmi Bishara is getting support from his friends.
PA government spokesman Dr. Ghazi Hamad, Haneyya said: "These actions of the Zionist government are clear evidence of the extent of racism against our Palestinian people and attempts to obliterate their identity."
According to Hamas, bringing charges against someone who is believed to have broken laws = racism and obliterating their identity. Just a touch of hyperbole there, Mr. spokesman.
"We stress our solidarity with Dr. Bishara, who stood by his people and their cause, and we call upon all local and international organizations to declare their solidarity with him against this programmed campaign against him."
If I were Bishara, I don't think I'd want an internationally-recognized terrorist organization giving me support. But that's just me.
Dr. Bishara, who resigned his Knesset seat on Sunday in Cairo,
Not exactly what an innocent man would do, eh?
In the past he has been questioned a number of times for visiting Syria and Lebanon,
Which he did with impunity, knowing that in doing so was an explicit violation of Israeli law.

Good luck, Bishara. You're probably gonna need it.


Things in Gaza are getting so bad that Gazans are longing for the occupation.
[Gaza journalist "A."] adds: "There are two options today that could take us out of this situation: Someone strong in the Gaza Strip who does not care about a confrontation with the clans, or an Israeli occupation. Many people in the Strip hope that Israel will reoccupy it because these phenomena were not prevalent during the Israeli occupation."
I thought the occupation was "brutal" and "immoral"? Either the occupation really wasn't as bad as they whined it was, or Gaza is Mogadishu on the Med.


And finally...

Live in Israel? Want to visit Syria? Looking for a good deal? Well, I hope you are feeling very lucky.
A sultry-eyed woman beckons from under her hijab, welcoming Israelis to the sandy hills and glittering ocean in the backdrop. "Dreamy weekend in Syria - only $390," advertises the billboard.
One problem: it is contingent on peace in the Middle East.
Israelis, or anyone with an Israel stamp in their passport, cannot currently travel to most member states of the Arab League,

Minor detail. What else is there?
The billboards...offer the great weekend deals with only the fine print noting that the price is for one room, a double bed - and dependent on the Saudi peace plan.
The fine print might as well say "Offer good only when hell freezes over". Where do I sign?

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