Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Holding Lebanon Hostage

Hizbullah thinks the world should revolve around them. And they scream foul when it doesn't.
Sheikh Naim Qassem, Hizbullah's second in command, has accused the government majority of not wanting an international tribunal, but running Lebanon, instead. "They don't want the court, they want to control Lebanon,"
Isn't that how a government should rule, according to the will of the majority? Seeing how Hizbullah represents a small minority, it seems they are suggesting Lebanon should do what a minority wishes.

The UN Resolution on the Rafik Hariri assassination has a clause that if Lebanon cannot approve the international tribunal into who killed Hariri, the UN can implement the formation of the tribunal without the explicit approval of Lebanon's government and parliament under Chapter 7.
Addressing the ruling team, Qassem said: "If they are threatening us with Chapter 7, this means they don't want the court,"
Then how does he explain the fact that the majority of Lebanese parlaiment met today and overwhelmingly agreed to petition the UN to invoke Chapter 7 since pro-Hizbullah factions are blocking parlaiment convening to vote on it?
"They hide behind the tribunal to prevent the opposition from taking part in decision making," he [Qassem] said.
Never mind the fact that he just contradicted himself. If the opposition would let parliament convene and vote, then there would be a decision. But Hizbullah doesn't want democracy to work; they want control.
Qassem also accused the ruling team of blocking "every solution we offer" in an attempt to end the political impasse that has gripped Lebanon for four months.
Every solution they offer gives Hizbullah undue, undemocratic, and (especially) undeserved power in the government. No wonder the majority doesn't accept the offers of the ones preventing the government from even meeting.

So Hizbullah is doing what Hizbullah does best: Terrorizing. This time it is by holding an entire nation hostage politically and economically. They don't care if they rip the country apart with yet another civil war as long as they get the power and control over the Lebanese population at the behest of their Syrian and Iranian masters who want to continue to wreak havoc in the Middle East.

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