Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Sacrificially Redeeming That Homeland

A recent post noted a common Palestinian complaint is that there is little, if any, concern for the nearly "12,000 Palestinian prisoners including women, children" etc. One reason for so many young Palestinians in detention is just good, old-fashioned hooky.
The Israel Prison Service conducted a study following a high rise in the number of Palestinian youths being held in security prisons.

The study showed that the boys would intentionally carry out light offences in order to be arrested so they can sit their matriculation exams from prison, where they get allowances on their exams.
The sad fact is that the youths know that committing crimes against Israel and being arrested will bring only benefits and prestige, and with the knowledge that nothing negative or bad will ever come of their incarceration in any way.

The message here is very clear: Crimes against Israel do pay, one way and another.

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