Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Values and Nature

When you think of the word "Palestinian", what comes to mind? (Hint: TERROR!) Seeing how Palestinians invented and perfected modern Islamic terrorism, it takes a lot of hutzpah for the Lebanese government to actually say this:
OnMonday evening, the Lebanese cabinet authorised the army to step up its efforts and "end the terrorist phenomenon that is alien to the values and nature of the Palestinian people".
I only wonder if they said it with a straight face.


Asia K said...

Hello, I read your comment on The Blemont Club and thought you might be interested in this article

Its a reaction to Paul Berman who wrote about Tariq Ramadan.
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peace, asis

Asia k said...

for some reason, the link was shown only partially. I'll try again:

Asia k said...

(continued after _paul->)_berman

ok, if you get this. I totally failed at figuring out how to link this page to you. Sorry

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