Saturday, May 12, 2007

News Roundup for May 12

In the ocean next to Gaza, even the fish are martyrs.
Joy has filled the hearts of hundreds of Palestinian fishermen in the Gaza Strip this week as they expressed their happiness over the most plentiful fishing season in 40 years, especially in the shadow of the Israeli navy restrictions on fishing off Gaza's coast.

This spring was a surprise for fishermen and drew smiles on their faces as their nets yielded sardines, which Gazans always crave for.

Rami Abu Hasirah, a fisherman, said: "Thanks to God, today fishermen netted tones of sardines, which will compensate all the losses over the past months."

Hamdi Baker, 42, fisherman, said: "Today the sardines broke the blockade!"
Yes, the sardines did an act of jihad and broke through the Zionist siege and sacrificed their little bodies in order to be eaten by the suffering Palestinian people as their contribution to the cause. Yeah, that's the ticket.


Hamas is complaining again. This time it's about other Arab countries talking peace with Israel instead of striving to murder Jews by the hundreds.
The Hamas Movement on Saturday lashed out at Arab official meetings with Israel, saying that the Arab countries should rather focus their efforts on breaking the siege imposed on the Palestinian people. A West Bank spokesman for the Movement said in a press release that the Arabs should have rather opted to lift the political and economic siege imposed on the Palestinians.
So Hamas says that they prefer Arab countries give money and support to them instead of meeting with Israel about possible peace. Of course they do.
The spokesman recalled that Israel ever since the Arab peace initiative was voiced in the Beirut summit in 2002 had declared its absolute rejection of it as evident in former Israeli premier Ariel Sharon's words that the initiative was not "worth the ink it was written with".
Since then Sharon change 180 degrees and withdrew from Gaza, something he swore he would never do. Things are completely different now.
However, the present Israeli political leadership chose to invest the Arabs' insistence on this initiative to seek normalization of relations with the Arab and Islamic countries without having to pay any price in return, he opined.
Again, Israel withdrew from Gaza and many parts of the West Bank. Even Israel's Foreign Minister said today that Israel's withdrawals will continue, which proves Israel has paid, and will pay, a heavy price.
The spokesman advised the Arab countries to make use of the apparent weakness of American hegemony in the region and the deteriorating internal Israeli conditions and to seek other alternatives to achieve the Arab people's interests.
Being the bloodthirsty murderers they are, Hamas wants other countries to move in for the kill. How dare anyone look for peace when you can have wholesale slaughter.


Even Nasrallah is upset and confused about why more Arab countries are more interested in talking more with loser Israel than the ├╝ber-victorious Hizbullah leader.
Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah accused the Arab world of running to Israel's rescue following its "defeat" at the hands of his group in last summer's war by renewing a land-for-peace offer to the Jewish State. I tell the Arab world, 'Israel is spread out before you. You are welcome to learn its strengths and weaknesses.' But at a time when Israel is so weak, the Arabs are renewing the Arab Peace Initiative in order to save (Prime Minister Ehud) Olmert," Nasrallah said.
Wow Nasrallah; that's pretty bad when a weak Jewish Prime Minister is preferred over you.
Nasrallah vowed that his group would prove to be a tougher enemy if a new war broke out. "If another war breaks out we will fight better than we did in July,"
Is it possible for Hizbullah to fight any worse?
Nasrallah said he would welcome the establishment of an Arab or Lebanese commission of inquiry to investigate whether his group had erred in launching the cross-border attack.
Be careful what you ask for, Nasrallah - you might just get it. Your ability to predict the future is not your strong suit.
He added that Israel erred when it believed that its mighty air force would be able to halt daily rocket attacks on northern Israel.
He's right. Instead, Israel's mighty air force simply flattened everything (and everyone) south of the Litani River.
"Israel's disrespect and arrogance in Lebanon lead to its defeat … by the willingness and wisdom of the resistance," he carried on.
Yes, Israel could use many more "disrespectful and arrogant" "defeats" at the hands of the "wisdom of the resistance", just like the one last year.


The Salafist (Wahabbist) Islamists in Gaza are accusing Hamas of being too "soft".
Hossam Al Jazar , the Deputy Director of Al Baz charity association , accused the Palestinian Islamic factions by adopting a negative and escalating stance towards Salafi preachers . Al Quds Al Arabi newspaper quoted Al Jazar as saying " The Islamic organizations – in reference to Hamas – have adopted a negative stance against us and they struggled us .
They escalating stance and struggle us. Excellent news, this is.
" The Islamic organizations [Hamas] are currently busy with their political programs and we are now the only preachers ", Al Jazar said[.]
Ah, so Hamas is not murdering enough for their tastes.
He resumed " Many have started fighting us after they became aware of our strong religious authority among the public , for we are not being busy by anything except God's worship .
And what exactly is "God's worship"?
He resumed " we have announced earlier that we are against violence in our preaching activities , we don't force any body to do anything we just advise those whom we believe are against the rules of the Islamic religion ".
Got that? They themselves are "against violence" in their "preaching activities", "don't force anybody to do anything" and "advise" those to follow Islamic rules, meaning they incite others to commit Islamic terror. Anybody see the problem with that?

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lysis22 said...

Hamas must understand that the laws of Sharia apply to them as well as those they desire to murder.

Israel eventually will understand that Hezbollah, Hamas and all the Arabs are neither innocent civilians nor guilty murderers. War is evil but each side must abide by the same rules that the aggressor uses.

Israel could totally destroy all the Hamas, Hezbollah, Fatah and all the other Islamics with the non-nuclear technology in their possession.

It just depends on whether Israel learns the lesson that their children and country are as valuable to them as those who want to murder them and not for any land called Palestine.

Islaam must return to paradise with the prophet Muhammad Pbuh