Tuesday, May 22, 2007

News Roundup for May 21

Hamas is preaching hell fire again.
For his part, Hamas’ political leader MP Mushir Al-Masri affirmed that the IOF dream of hitting Hamas' military strength and popular base would certainly fail, warning that the IOF targeting of any of Hamas’ political leaders would open “hell fire” on Israel.
What is interesting is that Hellfire missiles are frequently used in the targeted killings of terrorists. Ah, the irony.


Speaking of irony, Palestinians are suddenly interested in international law.
In a statement, [Member of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC), Ashraf] Jum'ah said the targeting of Palestinian leaders violates all the laws of conflict situations. He affirmed that the targeted killing is contradictory to the Fourth Geneva Convention.
Terrorists quoting the rules of war. You can always count on them to see the speck in others' eye.


The Palestinian government is at a loss to explain the obvious.
He [PA information minister Dr. Mustafa Al-Barghouthi] also urged the international community and the Arab and Muslim worlds to immediately intervene to bridle the Israeli occupation government, charging that the unexplainable silence from those parties had encouraged the IOA to pursue its crimes against the Palestinian people.
Maybe, just maybe, everyone sees Palestinian "root causes" that brought the current Israeli response to their door. Sounds plausible.


Which is worse: 30 dead or 50 dead?
The 30:
It noted that more than 30 Palestinians have been killed since the start of the [Israeli] offensive 5 days ago.
The 50:
Members of both Hamas and Fatah said Monday that internal infighting was far from over, just one day after Egyptian mediators announced a new cease-fire aimed at ending nine days of fighting that has left roughly 50 people dead.
According to the Palestinians, obviously the 30 killed by Israel is the "no brainer".
The minister [government spokesman, Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi] said that many options were discussed including "raising the issue at the United Nations Security Council or the General Assembly, and at the Arab League, in addition to the Islamic Organization." He also said that the issue might be raised at the European Union and with the Middle East Quartet (UN, EU, USA and Russia) in addition to Arab countries in order to pressure Israel to stop its attacks and aggression.
If Israel does anything, take them to the highest court in the universe because only Palestinians are allowed to slaughter Palestinians.


Hamas talks about the harmless rockets they are firing into Israel.
The political advisor of the Palestinian prime minister, Ahmad Yousif, on Monday refused to halt the launching of homemade projectiles at Israeli towns.

Yousif depicted the projectiles being hurled at Israeli targets as "fireworks which alert the world that there can be no solution except forcing Israel to halt its hostilities."

He considers the homemade projectiles part of the Palestinian right to self-defence. He said, "They represent a message which says 'no to siege and no hostility' and they do not contain nuclear heads."
Tell that to the woman killed today in Sderot by one of those harmless "fireworks".

Oh well, Israel is not bombing Gaza with nuclear bombs, so no real harm done there either.
Yousif told Ma'an that he does not expect Hamas to cease launching projectiles as long as Israeli aggression and the international embargo on the Palestinian people continue.
Like they say, the definition of insanity is doing the same things and expecting different results. I guess it's safe to say that the inmates are running the asylum.

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