Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Legendary Non-Martyred Martyr

Hamas is claiming a heroic martyrdom operation that is apparently reaching urban legend proportions. Even sifting through the braggadocio, what they claim happened seems highly unlikely. Not to mention the fact that no other news corroborates anything they claim.
Ezzedeen Al Qassam Brigades executed special martyrdom operation in Biet Lahia. Zionist executive forces [?] raided the eastern area of Biet Lahia. They entered inside the Palestinian land about three to four kilo meters[sp]. They began to destroy the private properties, farms, and houses. Further more[sp], the forces arrested many of the Palestinian civilians and tortured them.
And I'm sure the people that were arrested and "tortured" were simple Gazans doing nothing more than minding their own business. Right.
After five hours of monitoring the Zionist executive forces, which estimated about 20 soldiers in Biet Lahia. An executive force from Ezzedeen Al Qassam Brigades surrounded the Zionist force. At 21:00, the martyrdom began to move towards the Zionist forces.
What exactly is a "martyrdom" and how does one of those move?
In that time, the Zionist executive forces thought that they were going into picnic.
Yes, I'm sure the Zionists were comparing torture stories over some pita and hummus.
Suddenly, he began firing at them. He was far from them about 20 meters.
Ah, so the "martyrdom" is an individual.
The Brigades added "He didn’t face a real resist from the Zionist forces despite they were had a lot of advanced weapons. He succeeded to pull out".
So the "martyr" didn't actually become a martyr. He lives to martyr again. The Voice of Palestine, however, elucidates picnic-crashing to maybe give us more clues as to what happened.
[T]he QB [Qasssam Brigades] affirmed that after five hours of monitoring and surveillance, a commando unit of the QB stationed in Beit Lahia city spotted a gathering of IOF troops north of the city and decided to attack them. One of the unit’s fighters, the statement explained, stormed the IOF base where at least 20 Israeli soldiers were relaxing after wreaking havoc in Palestinian lands.
Wreaking havoc is tiring work, let me tell you.
The resistance fighter attacked and peppered them with dozens of bullets and hand grenades, killing at least five of them and wounding others before safely withdrawing. The IOF command acknowledged the attack, but claimed that two Palestinian attackers were killed; the QB immediately denied such claims, affirming that the lone attacker succeeded in returning to base after 2 hours of continuous hiking in “very difficult circumstances”.
It seems the rest of the unit split and left "martyrdom" to fend for himself.
In addition, the QB underlined that the attack, which was dubbed as “stunning lightening”,[sp]”,
Stunning, except for the fact that this happened over 24 hours ago and still no report of any supposed Israeli deaths by any credible news report. But, considering the source of the news, this is to be expected.
This operation is just the beginning of the surprises.
I agree, but who surprises whom is probably not what they think.

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