Saturday, May 12, 2007

Road To Nowhere

Being the brave warriors they believe they are, Hamas takes pride in their "resistance" and steadfastness against the Zionists. They use their martyrs as examples of those willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for the cause.
Dr. Abdel Aziz El-Rantisi was elected the leader of Hamas in the Gaza Strip. He held a large rally to accept the nomination and vowed to continue to road of resistance.
Three years ago, however, Rantisi got what he had coming to him via a well-placed missle.
Abu Obaida , the spokesman of the Qassam Brigades declared that we are on the road of Rantisi which is the road of resistance.
In another story about Palestinian women who were suicide bombers, including a grandmother, we see the same metaphor.
The Palestinian woman [sp] improve the great sacrifice in the road of resistance against the occupation forces' aggression...
And Hamas leaders abroad vow to continue the struggle.
Osama Hamdan, Hamas deputy in Lebanon, confirmed yesterday that the movement will persist in resistance and will never give up this road till the withdrawal of the occupation , restoring the usurped rights and the return of the Palestinian refugees.

He said" Hamas will keep the promises, will be honest to the rights and the blood of martyrs , and will continue in the road of Jihad till the end of the occupation ,
That's an inspiring image, but now comes the predictable whining and crying about the price of their noble resistance.
The families of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails leave their homes at 3:00am and return at midnight when they go to visit their sons in jail. ... The journey does not take more than two hours in normal circumstances, yet the families will not sleep the night before they visit their sons. They have to prepare for a long and exhausting journey, as they are forced to pass from one bus to another; from one checkpoint to another. ... The families often call that journey, "the road of humiliation",
The "road of resistance" = "road of humiliation". They chose it, so we say to them: Enjoy the ride!


Michael said...

They get to visit their relatives.

When Hamas and Hezbollah let Israelis visit the kidnapped soldiers, then maybe they'll have some right to bitch and whine.

Abu Yossi said...

Like they say, "If you can't do the time, don't do the crime". We don't hear the families say ANYTHING negative about their criminals in jail. Why? They was doin' jihad, that's why.