Tuesday, May 15, 2007

News Roundup for May 15

Ever notice that when Palestinians kill each other they can't help blaming others? Today, inter-terror killing occurred in Gaza with several terrorists dead by their own brothers. Here's how they described it:
Headline: On Nakba day : 9 martyrs by IOF [Israeli Army] and Hamas fire
Notice how Israel always gets the lead billing. So how many terrorists did Israel actually kill?
The number of Palestinian martyrs on hands of the Israeli Occupation Forces and Hamas , have risen to nine in Gaza today , where members of Hamas killed seven members of the national security service in cold blood next to Abu Joba oil station eastern of Gaza.

The Israeli army announced that they killed a Palestinian security man who approached the security fence eastern of Gaza while he was trying to flee the artilleries launched by Qassam members at a national security military site .
So Israeli killed one and Hamas killed 7 (never mind the math doesn't work). It's always Israel's fault anyway.


Speaking of a people with zero personal responsibility, the mufti of Jerusalem plays Pilate and washes his hands of all violence that he calls for.
The warning came following a tour of the Al-Aqsa compound by extremist Israeli rabbis under police protection. The tour was on the occasion of the Israeli occupation of the mosque 40 years ago. Tamimi said "the Israeli government is responsible for any repercussions of the tour."
If Muslims riot and kill because Jews visit sovereign Israeli land, it won't be the fault of the rioters and killers.
The supreme judge said "the Al-Aqsa Mosque has always been part of the Islamic religion all over the world due to a heavenly decision." He quoted a verse from the holy Qur'an as evidence to support his argument.
Well then, that conveniently proves it.
Tamimi added that the mosque is a pure Muslim property, which is evident in its construction, domes, walls and yards. It is one of three mosques that Allah requires the Muslim worshippers to visit.
So, if the "construction, domes, walls and yards" were to change to, say, churches, would that then prove that it is then Christian property?
[Murdered Arab taxi driver Tayseer] Al-Karaki was killed by a French-Israeli who admitted that his motive was the taxi driver's Arab nationality. Tamimi said "the cruelty of decapitating the Palestinian citizen reflects Jewish hatred and spitefulness towards the Arabs."
Then what does it say about Palestinians who lynched and disemboweled two Jews in Ramallah in the summer of 2000?


Hamas mourns on of its lifelong terrorists (guess who is to blame).
Despite the agreement between Hamas and Fatah with the presence of the Prime Minister. The traitors still playing in the Palestinian arena and targeting Al Qassam members to satisfy the Zionists. The crimes committed with an American weapons, vehicles and equipment dedicated to this matter.
I guess they would be happier if Russian or Chinese equipment was used.
Yesterday, they assassinated the citizens under the charge of belonging to Hamas.
Fair enough, since Hamas is a terrorist organization.
They defiled the mosques and distributing barriers[?]. Today, they continued their work instead of the Zionist occupation in assassinating the wanted Qassam leaders.
So Israel took a break from the tedium of occupation and assassinated a terrorist. That's one way to look at it.
Ibrahim Salman Munia (Ghanim) 45 years from Shijaia area – east of Gaza city

He was martyred at dawn on the hands of those who call themselves "presidential security". They are in fact traitors to the Zionist occupation.
So if they are "traitors to the Zionist occupation", then that means they are loyal to Hamas-like terrorists. I think they mean something else, but with these people who knows?
We confirm here that his blood will not be in vain[?] and they will be subjected to the judgment one day.
So just leave everyone alone and let Allah sort it out later. Can't these guys mind their own business?


And Hamas is warning that Israel will continue the targeted killings, as opposed to just using their loyal Zionist Fatah boys.
The Zionist cabinet has decided to intensify military operations against the Palestinians particularly the assassination of leaders and members of Palestinian resistance factions.
"Palestinian resistance factions" = terrorists. What is the problem with this?
On the other hand, Amir Peretz, the minister of war, alleged that any ground incursion into Gaza would be the last option the Zionist government might resort to.
Lucky for Hamas.
But Hamas from its side said that any incursion or assassination will be faced with the available sources.
In the same frame, Hamas also added that may be[sp] there will be surprises.
Maybe Hamas could really surprise everyone and start making sense, for once.


And finally...

On the homepage of the official Palestinian news site WAFA, in light of all of the violence and killings between factions, there is no mention of any of it. Except for one item.
IOF Wounds Youth in Jenin

Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) wounded on Tuesday morning a youth in the West Bank city of Jenin, Security sources said. They added that Mohammed Ghanem 16, was shot with a live bullet when Israeli troops stormed the city and Jenin refugee camp amid intensive fire shooting at citizens' houses. His condition is reported to be moderate.
Now THAT'S news!

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