Saturday, January 20, 2007

What the World Is Up Against

Every now and then I like to peruse the Middle Eastern press to see what they themselves have to say about regional events. It is refreshing to hear from the horse's mouth exactly what they want the world to hear. Two websites, Hamas' cool-sounding Izaddin Kassam and Syria's Syria Times, show the world what it is up against. Here's a news item from the latter:
Israeli occupation troops...
Their term for the IDF (Israel Defense Force)
Probably a derogatory term for "transported" or "transferred".
...yesterday the Syrian captive,...
Prisoner under incarceration. Actually he is formerly Syrian but now an Israeli citizen.
...Sedki el-Makt, from a prison in Jalbou area to a solitary cell in Beir Sheva in southern occupied Palestine...
Southern Israel, not to be confused with the disputed territories of West bank and Gaza. For these people, ALL of Israel is "occupied territory". a framework of an oppressive campaign against the Arab captives.
Another way of describing an incarcerated law-breaker who happens to be an Arab.
News agencies reported that the Israeli occupation troops which had arrested el-Makt in 1985, sentenced him to 27 years in prison.

El-Makt was a member of a Syrian clandestine resistance group.
Orwell-speak for a terrorist organization.
He is from the occupied Golan village of Majdal Shams.
That refers to the territory which Syria lost when they attacked Israel in 1967. In case you didn't notice, they are still very bitter about that resounding defeat.

And now for Hamas' official English site. Here are some excerpts to mull over:
Military Communiqué

Tamer Nassar martyred of Wounds sustained last Friday.
"Martyred of Wounds"??
As the Faithfulness of the Free Campaign against the occupation assault on the Gaza Strip, The out - low groups insist on being the hand of the OF.
"Faithfulness of the Free Campaign"?? "out - low" must mean "outlaw".

Another item:
In the frame of programmed planning which led by the captivation heads to put the Palestinian people in the cycle of disorder and confusion , attacking and daring on the resistance take a very series direction , which Ezzedeen Al-Qassam Brigades represented the head of it .
Uh, don't even know where to begin.

And finally, your daily dose of moral equivalence:
Some other scandals about the Zionist leaders who were not fell in crimes against civilians but also in moral scandals. Moshe Katsav, the former president for the Zionist Entity, was accused of raping his secretary before a few months to prove the administrative and human failure between the Israeli chiefs.
So we have these terrorists (whose entire leadership bravely prefers women, children, and the elderly as targets for murder) pointing their self-righteous fingers at a single individual, who is by no means proven guilty yet, to be representative of the entire government. Just be sure to never imply that these terrorists = all Palestinians. That would be outrageous and insulting.

And this is their official mouthpiece to the world. How embarrassing.

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