Wednesday, January 31, 2007

That Nutty Nasrallah

Our favorite cult leader is altering reality again.
The leader of Hezbollah, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, has accused the US of ordering Israel to start last year's conflict with the militant group.

"The one who fomented chaos in Lebanon, who destroyed Lebanon, who killed women and children, old and young in Lebanon, is George Bush and [Secretary of State] Condoleezza Rice, who ordered the Zionists to launch the war on Lebanon," he [Nasrallah] said.
Really? Who was it that started the war last summer, hmm?
Hezbollah and Israel fought a fierce 34-day conflict in July and August, after Hezbollah killed and captured several Israeli soldiers.
"The one who must be punished, who must be tried, is the one who ordered the launching of war on Lebanon," Sheikh Nasrallah told the crowd.
And that would be YOU, Nasrallah.
Addressing a huge crowd in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, Sheikh Nasrallah also accused the US and Israel of trying to foment civil wars in the region.
Nasrallah is referring to Lebanon's near civil war that is brewing, for which he, again, is responsible, having thousands of his Shia Hizbullah thugs occupying the center of Beirut as "protesters".
Three people died and 100 were injured as [Hizbullah] protesters, who blocked many roads, clashed with government supporters.
And was their big "peaceful" strike last Tuesday.
Government offices in Beirut have been besieged by opposition supporters since they began a sit-in in December.

The clashes re-opened many old wounds from the civil war in the 1970s and 80s, our correspondent adds, and raised fears that sectarian civil strife could be re-kindled if the crisis goes on.
Like Nasrallah says, this is all because of "George Bush and [Secretary of State] Condoleezza Rice". The flowers must be pretty in his world.

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