Friday, January 12, 2007

A Voice in the Wilderness

Before I'm accused of implying everyone in the Middle East is just plain nust, this next clip from MEMRI shows that even an Iraqi (secular) Shi'ite MP can at least look at things rationally and soberly. I would argue that the reason is because this man is not eaten up with prejudice and hate (which is rare). Some quotes from Iyad Jamal Al-Din:
I do not consider the U.S. to be the Great Satan. I view it [America]as the sponsor and founder of the project of democracy, and the defender of democracy in Iraq. You can be sure that if America were to withdraw today, there would be Shiite massacres of Shiites, Sunni massacres of Sunnis, and Kurdish massacres of Kurds.
We, the oppressed and slaughtered peoples, have seen nothing but stupid dictators or wise dictators. It's one of the two. Wise dictators pave roads and build houses, but they are still dictators. On the other hand, there are stupid dictators, like our friend [Saddam] who has gone. We are very far from democracy. It is inconceivable that we endured this humiliation and tyranny for 1,400 years, yet we are unable to create a democracy.
We are very far from liberty. Do we even know what to do with the values of liberty? The moment Saddam's club was lifted from over our heads, each and every one of us wanted to assume Saddam's personality. We had one Saddam, and now we have six, seven, ten, or fifteen Saddams. We now have local mini-Saddams. I said this before the war. I said that America would do us a favor by ridding us of Saddam the dictator, but that this favor would be incomplete unless it rids us of the opposition parties.
Therefore, in my opinion, democracy can be established in our region only through force. Democracy must be established by force, and only America can do it.
Just pray that this man will be listened to and not a victim of revenge for those who hold a different opinion.

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(via Allahpundit at HotAir)

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