Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Islamic Child Abuse

Whenever I hear Palestinian children are killed in the conflict with Israel, I can only acknowledge the tragedy and shame. But I often ask myself, "Where are the parents?" Well, this next story is sadly all too common.

A former Israeli Shin Bet security officer, Nissim Levy, reflects on his time working in Lebanon against the same type of Islamic death cult terrorism. Here is an unfortunately typical situation he encountered:
Once in Lebanon they told me that they had caught a 12-year-old boy with an explosive device in his hand," he recalls. "I didn't really believe it; I thought the soldiers must be exaggerating. I arrived at the place and it really turned out that the boy was walking along the highway with an explosive device ... We drove to his village, entered his parents' home. I said to the father: 'Is this your son?' He said yes. I said to him: 'We caught your son with an explosive device in his hand.' The father looked at me and made a gesture as if to say, what can I do?

"I asked the boy who had given him the device and he told me: 'I found it.' I asked the father if he had given him the device, and he said no. What could I do? A 12-year-old boy - I wouldn't take him to jail. So I told the father that I was leaving him at home, but if I caught him one more time, I would put both of them in jail.

"A week later, the same story, the same boy. I took him to his father and he said to me: 'I have no control over him. He goes to school, they give him an explosive device and tell him to throw it. They throw it. That's how we're raising our children.' I sat opposite him. I believed that he hadn't given the boy the device, and I said to him: 'You're endangering the boy's life. He'll die.' He said to me: 'He'll die? So he'll die.'"
When there are parents like this, no wonder so many children die.

Dear parents: If your children aren't smart enough to understand that if they go to a firefight where bullets are flying everywhere, they will get shot, teach them and keep them away at all costs.

Otherwise, do NOT complain.

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