Wednesday, January 31, 2007

More Balloons O' Death

It's hard to make this stuff up. The hysteria continues:
Renewed panic spread among some Lebanese Monday, as a black balloon with a spider drawn on it landed in the heart of a Beirut neighborhood, a day after Israeli balloons landed in South Lebanon. "It is a terrorist act against our peace of mind," Khaled Qamaryeh, owner of a store in the neighborhood of Salim Salaam, told The Daily Star.

"I didn't go near it as I was worried it may be filled with poison," Qamaryeh said of the balloon found in his neighborhood. "I don't trust the Israelis."
It had to be from Israel. Only they can aim a balloon to land in the heart of a city many miles away.
"Israel is capable of anything, and whether or not there are actual toxins, they are always waging a psychological war against the Lebanese," said Mohammad Sharqawi.
"Psychological war" will have Lebanese surrendering by the droves. I guess Israel could have saved a lot of trouble last summer by just releasing balloons instead of fighting Hizbullah.
While there is no evidence of poison, Rifi said there is a question over the "timing."

"Israeli balloons never used to drift over to Lebanon, so why now?" he asked. "I believe it is an intentional act by Israel to cause further panic in a country already on edge," he added.
Resigned Foreign Minister Fawzi Salloukh slammed Israel Sunday for what he called, "a creative" new way of violating Resolution 1701, and called on the UN to put a stop to it.

"It wasn't enough that they violate our skies daily with their drones and warplanes, now they sending over their balloons to terrorize the Lebanese people," he said.
Balloons now terrorize, but let's forget the fact that they were never poisonous in the first place, only in the paranoid minds of the conspiracy-obsessed Lebanese.
"Israelis have a history of targeting the civilians,"...
Actually, Islamic terrorists are the only ones who proudly target civilians. Lebanese civilians died because brave terrorists fought behind civilian shields.
"...and so why not now through balloons?" he asked.
Even if a rumor is proven to be false, once believed it will forever be considered true.
Sharqawi also believed that the officials "would lie" to keep the people from panicking.
First they try to blame everything on Israel, now they try to cover it up - which is it?
"There is a sort of panic now in the country from any balloons," the army source told The Daily Star.

"Now every time a child has a birthday party and some balloons are released," the source added, "we get a call or two of panic from nearby residents."
Psychologically disturbed, these people.
The source said more comprehensive tests on the Israeli balloons will continue for the next two days to check "for chemicals and minerals" that the balloons may be carrying or are made of.
Why? They were never poisonous in the first place.

Let me make a prediction: someone will plant a balloon with poison in/on it and Israel will be blamed.

One thing is for sure: it must be wonderfully convenient to have something on which to blame every problem you ever had, have, and will have.

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