Friday, January 12, 2007

Angels Living Among Infidels

Here we have proof that the craziness plaguing the Middle East also infects Australians via the Religion of Peace. Controversial Muslim leader Sheik Taj el-din al Hilaly has savaged Australia in an interview on Egyptian television despite the fact that his future as mufti hangs in the balance because of insensitive comments he previously made.
The interview, in Arabic, was about the furore he created in October with a Ramadan sermon in which he compared scantily clad women with "uncovered meat", suggesting they were responsible for rape,...
If I rape, it's not my fault.
...called women Satan's soldiers to deceive men,...
If I'm deceived, it's not my fault.
...and said thieves often stole because they were pressured by greedy women.
If I steal, it's not my fault. In other words, if everyone were enslaved under Islam and Shari'a, there would be utopia (assuming you are a Muslim male) and Islam could then live up to the "Religion of Peace" business.
"Anglo-Saxons came to Australia in chains, while we paid our way and came in freedom. We are more Australian than them."
True to the Middle Eastern mentality, reality is based on a fixed point in time and everything should be judged on that historical reference. Even if that were true, why should the Islamic choice of reference point supersede any other?
"Australia is not an Anglo-Saxon country - Islam has deep roots in Australian soil that were there before the English arrived," Sheik Hilaly said.
So Australia is Islamic land and Muslims are just claiming what is rightfully theirs.
...Australians played the "fear card" to keep Muslims down, and that racial prejudice was the reason for the 55-year sentence given to the gang rapist Bilal Skaf.
The old "I'm-being-sent-to-jail-not-because-I'm-a-gang-rapist-but-because-I'm-Muslim" story. Obviously, it must be racial prejudice because, after all, rape isn't a man's fault.
In the half-hour program Sheik Hilaly said the controversy showed how standards were skewed and claims were fabricated. "There is no freedom and no democracy [for Muslims]..."
They are upset that the Muslim vote counts the same as the vote of the infidel and woman.
"...the most dishonest and unjust people are Western people and the English in particular."
Sounds like the sheikh sure knows his racial prejudice as well as anyone out there.

Always the victim, never their fault. No wonder they are a frustrated bunch.

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