Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Another Stinkin' Plot

A trusted Lebanese blogger updates the political chaos in his home country in a recent post. Since said chaos is too complicated to even begin to sort out here, the simple explanation is that political leaders of the various factions are essentially opportunists whose constituencies are used to jockey for personal power.

Parliament speaker Nabih Berri (who is a pro-Syria Shi'ite) wielded his power yesterday and closed the most advanced health laboratory in the country, arguably one of the largest in the region, leaving Lebanon without any significant research facility. Why?
Berri’s security boys have been complaining about the lab for a long time, claiming that it “emits bad odors” and that it could be used to launch a “chemical attack” on the parliament’s speaker.
Okaay. The concept of "paranioa" comes to mind here, but the truth probably is that this another attempt to force Lebanon in a further state of gridlock for the purpose of forcing the government to disband.

On the other hand, if Berri's allegations are indeed true, such a conspiracy can only be described as...evil?

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