Monday, February 12, 2007

You Don't Speak For Me

In these dangerous days of Palestinians murdering Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, a Roman Catholic priest there is worried about saving his own skin. You can't blame him. However, when it comes to making declarations on behalf of others, he would do well to keep his pie hole shut.
In the second visit to the Muslim mosques, Father Manuel Musllam , declared that the Christians are ready to die for the sake of Al-Aqsa mosque. Adding that , in the sake of Al-Aqsa , the arms will be two " The Christian arm and the Muslim arm" against the attack on Al-Aqsa mosque.
If you want to ingratiate yourself to the ones who want you dead by becoming a Muslim martyr, pappy, you go right ahead and throw your life away for nothing. More power to you. In fact, if the Islamo-terrorists are going to be the cause of your death anyway, one way or another, at least give the few poor remaining Christians that are left a little cover and not implicate them in your hypocrisy.

Speak for yourself!

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