Sunday, February 18, 2007

More of the Same

Here we go again.
Palestinian police sources have revealed that a man from the village of Talfit, south-east of Nablus, has killed his 14 month old daughter, stabbing her to death... The man stabbed the 14-month child in the chest and the back, before throwing the body in the municipal dump area in the south of the village... The man also attacked his pregnant wife, in an attempt to forcibly abort her pregnancy and kill their unborn child...
Drumroll, please:
...the investigation is looking into "honour killing" motivations for his crime.
In the alternate universe of the Islamic mind, killing a baby is an act of "honor".

Be assured that this man will get the lightest of sentences if found guilty.


Anonymous said...

great posting, as usual. you should have a "share this posting" link.

Abu Yussif said...

thanks for the suggestion. all are appreciated.