Saturday, February 10, 2007

Sick Sick Sick

A four-year old girl was married to a 45-year-old man in a remote Pakistan town to settle a feud, leading to the arrest of 12 people from two families, police said Friday.

The minor, Sumaira, was given in marriage to the middle-aged man, Mahboob Ahmed, as a punishment because the girl’s maternal uncle, Mohammad Farooq, had eloped with the adult niece of the bridegroom, police said.
Why? Because women are objects for men's use.
“In order to meet demand of the punchayat, Farooq’s brother-in-law gave his four-year-old daughter in the marriage of Mahboob,” [police spokesman Malik] Ramazan said.
Uncle Mohammed does something wrong, little four-year old Sumaira pays.
(Not actual victim)

No one should be the least bit surprised since the prophet Mohammed himself took a pre-pubescent child, Aisha, as his bride. Although Aisha was only six when she was given to marriage, the ever-virtuous Mohammed waited until she was nine to consummate the marriage. Muslim scholars exonerate the prophet because they say Aisha underwent puberty prior to consummation. Riiight.

Thankfully, for the little Pakistani girl, the nightmare has ended.
Public and media pressure and threat of action by the police forced a man, 45, to divorce a four-year-old child whom he had married under a tribal custom in Dera Ismail Khan.
We can only pray that the poor little child does not suffer irreversible emotional and physical scars.

Makes you shudder

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