Monday, February 5, 2007

It's All In The Mind

Hamas is all hot and bothered about an arms shipment to their rival faction, Fatah. According to the official spokesman, who wouldn't be angry?
...lorries which were attacked were full of different types of weapons beginning with the soldiers shoes to the super kinds of weapons.
Oh, the humanity! Of course, the only explanation behind this has to be (drum roll) - a conspiracy!
At the time of preventing salaries and the aids[?], the dirty conspiracy come out with its ugly face...
...when the big military weapons and equipment shipments as a support to the presidential guards.
Hmmm, we seem to be having verbal issues here. But never mind that because Hamas importantly affirms the following:
1- We consider these deals of the big treachery to the Palestinian people.
2- The presidential and some Arab country will take the responsibility of such deals. They should support the Palestinians of human aid instead of military aid.
4- The presidential and the mutiny trends will hold the responsibility of such clashes in the Gaza strip which happened as a result of the presidential guards spreading despite the agreement to give the interior forces to keep the security in the street.
Hmmm; seems we're a bit, how do you say, DEFICIENT in something else? Ok, while we're in the mood to affirm things, I would like to take this opportunity to affirm that these special Hamas boys might need to repeat first grade. At least until they master it.

Like they say in Gaza - A mind is a terrible thing, so waste it.

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