Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Breaking News: Palestinians Want Peace

(But not with Israel.) In light of the ongoing violence within the Palestinian territories, the BBC News report "Gaza's residents rally for peace" gives the unprecidented impression that the Palestinians are finally going to make a positive contribution to regional stability after creating, perfecting, exporting, and indulging themselves in international terrorism. But alas, they only want their inter-factional fighting to stop so they can more effectively terrorize the Zionists.

Known for ongoing kidnapping and killing of Jews (and whoever else might be in the vicinity), Palestinians have turned their anarchy inward by killing and kidnapping each other. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' (Abu Mazen) Fatah party recently made a truce with Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh's Hamas terror organization to stop the fighting, similar to the truce they made with Israel. For those who don't know, a "truce" for the Palestinians means that the other party must cease firing while they continue fighting as before.

And some people say the Palestinians don't want peace.

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